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You’re moving. But to do so, you need to sell your house. You’ve lived there for years, and it’s hard to let go, but it’s time to say farewell. Many times, when people go about selling their homes, they don’t realize how difficult it usually is. Usually, people will hire a real estate agent to do most of the grunt work associated with selling the home, like sprucing it up. Though, they won’t usually do the sprucing up themselves, but rather hire a contractor to do it for them. Sometimes, the people who they hire are expensive, as they’re employed by a larger company.

This isn’t the only option! If you’re going to sell your home, be sure to hire a multipurpose handy man as soon as possible. Here’s why.

They’re versatile

One great thing about handymen is that they don’t specialize in one particular area. Instead, they’re jacks of all trades who are able to do most of anything. They’re skilled in basic carpentry, painting, home maintenance, renovation services, and more! Usually, when people live in a home for a certain amount of years, they tend to let things go—and it’s not always their fault! They usually have jobs and families that are higher on the totem than a dent in the floor or a crack in the drywall. However, when moving and selling the home, managing these issues should be a top priority since they’ll affect the value of the home. Hiring a handyman to come through and fix these issues in one or two trips is going to garner a huge return on investment.

Can help with cleaning

We can’t speak for all handymen services, but Handy-n-Clean specializes in home cleaning! Regardless of how hard we work to keep our home spick and span, the little things, like stains and dirt, begin to add up and go unnoticed. A bathtub that you might think is an off white color after years of use is actually white as the clouds. This goes the same for grout, countertops, and carpets. When moving, do you really have the time to scrub every inch of your home until it looks good as new? Probably not. Our handyman services have the tools and the time to bring your home back to the point where it once was. It’s our job!

Handy-n-clean also specializes in pressure cleaning, so we could also clean the outside of your home! When it comes to selling your home, everything counts. Don’t leave anything dirty when it could be easily cleaned by a professional. The cost of a handyman is going to be less than the thousands lost on the value of your home. Everything matters.



Handy-n-Clean offers personable and affordable home maintenance and cleaning services that are ideal for anybody who is looking to sell their home. Next week, we’ll continue going over the other things that a handyman can help with during the pre-move process. As always, call Handy-n-Clean in Sioux Falls for remodeling services and more!