A handyman can save you a lot of money!

It’s a seller’s market; every small thing counts. Don’t lose thousands on your home because your floorboards are filthy. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to notice what is wrong with your home, let alone how to fix those things. That’s where a handyman comes in. Sometimes, if you wait until your real estate agent takes matters into his or her hands, they may hire a contractor who charges an arm and a leg for their work. Why not hire a handyman who is both affordable and knows what they’re doing. Selling your home is a game. If you want to sell it for what it’s worth, or even above that, you need to treat it like it’s valuable. A spotless home with clean carpets, fresh paint, and glistening countertops is going to sell for more than one that’s worn.

In our last post, we began touching on how a remodeling service like Handy-n-Clean can offer a huge return on investment. We mentioned versatility and how cleaning could go a long way. But there’s more…

They have an eye for issues

Really, it’s our job. People often don’t notice all of the issues with their home, and how could they? If you’ve lived in a home for a decade, there’s no way that you’d be able to remember that your carpets were white, not cream. Handymen have a natural ability to spot…spots! When you’re selling a home, the smallest things count. You need to make sure everything is immaculate to make sure that your home sells for the highest price possible. You can’t have dirty grout and expect buyers to want to pay for the listing price.

The price can’t be beat

Again, it’s a seller’s market, but people aren’t going to budge for a gross house. A clean carpet could mean an extra thousand or more dollars in your pocket after the sale, and it only costs a percentage of that to have your floors professionally cleaned. We at Handy-n-Clean provide professional cleaning services, as well as home repair and remodeling services. Did we mention that we’re affordable? Handy-n-Clean tries to be much less expensive than most contractors. And, we can guarantee that if you contact us to clean and fix up your home before you show it to potential buyers, you’ll sell it for a much higher price than if you just left it alone.



Paint is one of the first things people look at

Paint fades over time. The sun from the windows dulls the colors and walls tend to sustain scratches and marks. A handyman, while sprucing up the home, may suggest a fresh coat of paint. They’ll also have an idea of what’s in style regarding paint themes and what might be most attractive to buyers. Don’t lose out on a sale because of stale paint.

For all of your home remodeling and renovation needs, call Handy-n-Clean! We have the tools and expertise to make sure that your home is ready to show.