There are few things grosser than a musty, dirty, old carpet

Dirty and old carpets can make your home or business look bad and smell terrible, while also trapping harmful bacteria and germs that you absolutely do not want your family or employees exposed to! We get it, things happen, messes are made. When that happens, you need someone to clean them up! Whether the culprit is pets, kids, friends, or just regular wear and tear, we can help get your carpet clean. At Handy-n-Clean, your “Get ‘er Done Handyman Service,” we provide convenient and schedule-flexible, professional carpet cleaning. We are your Top Rated Local® handyman service providers, and that includes home and commercial carpet cleaning.

We are your Top Rated Local® handyman service providers

Our team takes great care to use only the best professional house cleaning products and materials to get the job done; we know that nothing beats the best! The commitment, convenience, and flexible scheduling that we offer is at great costs for even greater results. Competitors promise the moon (and charge you for it too!), but don’t deliver. Our professional cleaners work to meet your needs and goals competently, without over-selling you our services. Our convenience, quality, flexibility, and great customer service shines through by way of our eagerness to consistently go above and beyond for our customers with all the services we have the opportunity to provide for you. Our home maintenance staff would like to earn the right to be your favorite carpet cleaners; every time we’re given the chance, we will absolutely reward you with the great results you expect and deserve. We welcome your requests, comments, and questions. We would also be happy to provide you with a free estimate for all of your carpet cleaning needs. Call our professional house cleaning company in Sioux Falls today!