Maintenance, Repairs, Finish-Work & So Much More!

There’s no end to the list of things-to-do around the house, whether it’s home maintenance and repairs, lawn and property care, truck and auto care, furniture/appliance assembly and set-up, the list can go on and on. Additionally, sometimes you just have a few things that need to be checked off that you don’t have time to fit into your schedule. Whatever your home or apartment maintenance needs may be, let Handy-n-Clean’s “can-do” services be your one call solution for it all!

Installations, Heavy-Lifting, & Odd-Jobs Galore!

When your DIY project becomes more than you care to take on, let us here at Handy-n-Clean take the workload on for you! Whether your needs are for home improvement, such as new installations of cabinets, doors, ceiling fans, or light-fixtures, or you just require a strong and hard-working set of hands for work inside or outside the house like moving things from “here to there” (by hand, or by the trailer load), Handy-n-Clean’s “Get ‘er Done Handyman Services” are available. Regardless of the property maintenance job for your Sioux Falls home, we can help. Call today.